To give to our ministry DO the following:

Put it in the offering basket during service.

Deposit/Transfer into our A/C No.0000 1147106000001571 (INR) IDBI Bank, Kohima, Nagaland (India).

Send it by Money Order to our address.

Our personally hand it over to us.



We follow the following Biblical principles in our finances:

  We believe in secret giving.

  We believe in unconditional giving.

  We believe in non-reciprocal giving.

  We believe in sacrificial giving.

  We believe in willful giving.

  We believe in cheerful giving.

  We do not solicit.

  We do not raise funds.

  We do not do sales.

  We do not have subscriptions.

  We do not have fees.

  We have no set financial targets, but we are faithful with what we have.

  We do not issue receipts on offerings.

  We believe your giving is to our account on earth and to your account in heaven.

Rounded Rectangle:                                                               Giving to SpiritWord Church