Praise is soul food. It is voice. It is speaking or singing in the natural. It is word; it is speaking the Word and singing the Word or singing to the Word.

Worship is spirit food, it is spirit activity. It is speaking in the spirit or singing in the spirit. It may be singing or speaking in tongues, but it is spirit activity. In worship it is no longer words- it is breadth.

Do you notice that eating in all cases-soul, spirit and body, eating is done by the mouth? Our body eats food with the mouth. Jesusí body is given to us- He is the Word. Word needs mouth to be spoken. Jesus not only came as the Word, He came with a mouth that spoke; this is why He was able to accomplished His mission.

Our soul needs to eat the Word of God. Word is spoken by the mouth; by our speaking of the Word.

Our Spirit is fed by our speaking in the Word. Praying in the spirit and singing in the spirit, prophesying are all done by the mouth.

Jesus is the Word, who became flesh and is given to us. Jesus is the complete food package for us- soul, spirit and body. Jesus gave us His body for our body- His physical body. Jesus gave us His soul- His soul was sorrowful, it had to be filled with sorrow (Mk.14:34). In Gethsemane, His soul was in agony as it was surrendered to brokenness. Jesus gave us His spirit- He gave up the Ghost (Lk.23:46).

Jesus had to come in a body, soul and spirit, just like us that the complete man as soul, spirit and body, may be delivered. Salvation is salvation of the whole man.


Hallelujah, Amen.


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