Food for Soul Spirit and Body

Food: What is food? What does it do? We eat food. It nourishes us, gives us strength and makes us grow. Food is for eating. We eat everyday it is needed for our life. That is about our earthly life. We all eat to live.

But The Bible says man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. This is because man is not only body, but he also has soul and spirit. The life of man is not only about physical growth; we also need to grow mentally and even spiritually. Like our body even our soul and spirit have its metabolism which needs feeding for growth.

According to the Bible man is soul, spirit and body (1Thes.5:23). We need food at all these three levels. We not only grow bodily, we also need to grow in soul and spirit. So we need soul and spirit food as well.

Our body cannot survive without food. If we donít eat our stomach will be empty and we will receive no nutrition. We will be hungry and then we will become weak and die. We are what we eat. Healthy people are people who eat healthy food. Malnourished people are those who are not eating enough. Famished people starve to death.

Our soul will be empty without our senses. When we are deaf and dumb and blind, what will be in our head? Nothing will be in it because all the channels are closed. What we have in our head comes from what we learn through our senses. We know everything we know through our senses. How do we know that gas is leaking? We smell it. How do we know that a flower is beautiful? We see it. How do we know fire is hot? We feel the heat it. Do you know blind people can know a person by touching and feeling the face with their hands?

So is the same with our spirit. Without food we will be spiritually dead. Thatís why sinners are dead people. They got separated from God; they canít hear God or see God. They canít feel Him or know His presence. God is spirit (Jn.4:24). They have no God, they are spiritually dead. No God no Spirit.


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