Text Box: SPIRITWORD CHURCH Ministry Policy:

We are a contemporary church with a spiritual outlook. The people here may not seem so much as normal church crowd, but we emphasize on nurturing the inner man more than making a show of the outer man. We believe that while we are on earth, outwardly we need to live a normal life, in a normal world with all men, inwardly we can dwell in a secret place unaffected by all thatís going on in the world. We truly believe that only the Word of God rightly divided can nourish the inner man for all round growth. 

Our worship is contemporary in musical style but deeply spiritual in approach. We believe the church should be a place for corporate worship in which people are  united in one Lord , in one spirit, one faith and one voice. At the same time we allow people the liberty to worship as they are individually led.  

We believe in work. We donít like people who are all spiritual and has no work to prove it. By work we donít mean spiritual work, but natural work. A person who does not work cannot get a harvest, cannot feed himself or his family and cannot bring any gifts to the Lord. Every believer must work and earn a living. 

We agree with the Tentmakers in concept, but we go a little further than that, because we believe that not only people in ministry but all believers should have fulfillment in both their spiritual life and natural duties. We have nothing against people in ministry living of ministry, but we still think that should not be the reason for monastic life with restrictions on their private life and business.  

We donít see any need to raise funds for God or ministry. Our giving should be from what we earn and own, only then it becomes an offering. We practice sacrificial and secret giving.

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